Thursday, September 23, 2010

ooo guitar side supports

Since the linings are solid wood, without kerfs and consequently very rigid, I inlet the side braces to avoid inducing a zone of weakness as would exist if the side braces stopped when they met the lining.

Here the neck  has been inlet with a truss rod channel (I use a router table for this. sorry no pics of that) On either side of the truss rod channel a rod of carbon fiber has been inlet for stiffness.  The peg head veneer has been glued on to the face of the peg head.  This particular veneer is an old piece of cocobolo.  Its very dark for coco.

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  1. Hi, John, I have been following the pictures on the blog, very helpful and interesting. I am a little unclear about how those "side supports" work. So that thin piece of vertical wood is a "side support", I gather. It looks like it is glued to the lining, and that you cut a notch into the light colored wood on the top and bottom of the photo as an inset. So what specifically is that light colored wood on the top and bottom. Some kind of brace running around the perimeter of the interior of the guitar?

    Thanks John.